Rodenbach Grand Cru

Rodenbach Grand Cru6% ABV, Must Try Flanders Red Ale, Lightly Sour, Balsamic Sweet, Oak, French Kissing Carbonation, Quenchy.

Known as the “most refreshing beer in the world”, Rodenbach uses a blend of four malts in their double-decoction mash, along with 20 percent corn.

Rodenbach brews to two different gravities: the beer they use as their “young” blending beer is brewed to 11.5 Plato while their “aging” beer is stronger, at about 13 Plato. Brewers Gold and Kent Goldings are the two hop varieties used by Rodenbach, though the hopping levels are restrained. The beer is fermented with a house yeast strain that is said to be a complex blend of distinct cultures.

After fermentation, the beer is aged in oak for up to two years and in the wood, picks up additional microbes, including lactobacillus, which contribute to the sourness of the beer.

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